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Our story, and how it led to 'Days like this are sweet'!

On Valentines Day 2012, we Paul King and Ashleigh Gibson got engaged! It was the sweetest proposal! 

Paul invited me to go on a picnic which was strange for two reasons! 

1) It was Winter in the UK - February is one of the coldest months so not your ideal time to be heading to the park. 

2) The park was closed when we got there - possibly for the reasons above! It was 5pm and I'd had to work that day. 

We returned to the house and Paul had laid out an indoor picnic on a checked blanket on the floor, inside the first flat we ever owned! The sweetest part was that he recreated my favourite childhood stories of Minnie Mouse and picnics are my alltime favourite date! It was adorable when he got on one knee on the floor and asked me nervously if I would "do me the honour of being my husband". 
I giggled and mischievously said "no, but I'll do you the honour of being your wife!".

As wonderful, exciting and thrilling as this surprise engagement was at the time, it was incredibly overwhelming as we were in entry-level jobs, and we weren't prepared for the shock of the vast wedding industry and all of the expectations associated with weddings began to unfold before our eyes. 

Everywhere we looked there were people telling us to buy this, buy that along with magazines telling you heaps of conflicting information. Similarly all of our friends and families had contrasting views, and all of a sudden people started turning out of the woodwork who we had never spoken to in years insisting on a wedding invite!

Wedding planning was a complete journey for both of us, trying to navigate through the noise and design the wedding of our dreams on a shoestring budget!

We were able to create a visually stunning, fabulous day, for £7.5k (the UK average is around £30-£35k!

My WHY? Well... I am fortunate to daily speak to people from all walks of life, of all financial situations, and it frustrates me to hear how many people get themselves into debt trying to pay for their dream wedding day / dream event, putting pressure on themselves to have a hugely expensive day that they spend many years paying off! 

This helped me to realise that perhaps there may be others in the same situation!

I like to sprinkle a bit of personality and colour wherever I go, and I LOVE making NEW friends!  ‘Days like this are sweet’ is my outlet for sharing my hints and tips on all things creative & event & wedding planning /styling (usually for weddings, baby showers and hen parties / bachelorettes though I have a heap of experience working in corporate and charity events too!) 

I can help you find creative solutions to all of your planning needs, and teach you hints and tips to create fantastic high quality events, at low cost without scrimping on style! 



Here are some of my favourite suppliers every wedding planning couple or event planner needs which will save you money.

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