The world has changed drammatically since the COVOID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, and it's a big wake up call for many individuals and organisations, regardless of age, background or creed. On one hand, there is every right to worry, with financial markets plummeting and panic buying while on the other hand there is a wealth of opportunities. Such as the chance for individuals and organisations to become more agile and resilient, and adapt to the new status quo. With many people working from home here are some top tips to stay focussed and be more productive, as well as help support your mental health at this tough time!

1. Set up a tidy desk space

Having a space that you can work in is essential to ensuring you can concentrate.

Try to clear your desk as much as possible, and surround yourself with colours and items that make you smile.

I like to surround myself with a vision board which includes my goals and pictures of those people who are important to me, and also memories which inpsire me, like this one from TEDxWomen 2019 in the sunny Palm Springs,California.

2. Schedule your day (the night before)

Starting the day by planning ahead the night or week before is a helpful way to get started with a clear focus for what you would like to achieve. By being aware of what you need to do you can avoid the temptation to start watching Netflix (just one more episode right!).

I like to use a planner with cute stickers like this one from Bando.

3. Jump out of bed before you can press snooze! Leave your phone of reach overnight so that when it wakes you, you can get up and end your alarm immediately. Make your bed and start the day, by making your bed, even if everything else may feel hard you will still have done something right!

4. Drink a big glass of water

Leave a glass of water overnight to drink as soon as you wake up to rehydrate yourself.

5. Have a freezing shower!

Having a super cold shower will wake you up and revitalise you. According to this Huffington post article there are a wealth of other health benefits such as improved circulation, increased metabolism and an immune boost!

6. Start the day with an intention

Whether it be a prayer, to whatever higher power you believe in, or a intention for what you want to achieve start the day with focus. I personally start the day by lighting a candle, and setting an intention for what I want to complete before the day ends, and start my morning thinking about this, and the steps I need to do to make this come true.

7. Start the day with hot water, lemon and apple cider vinegar

Rather than reaching straight for the caffeine, drink my favourite metabolism booster:

- 2 teaspoons of Apple Cider Vinegar (make sure to get one with the Mother Root)

- a pinch of Cayenne pepper

- the juice of half a lemon squeezed

- hot water

It may take a little while to get used to at first though you'll soon start to enjoy it. I like doing this because it helps me to keep my blood sugar at a regular level and stop reaching for sugary snacks.

8. Schedule tasks Make time to schedule tasks such as checking your email, say three times a day. Switchtasking does not work and multitasking is a myth.

By setting timeslots for regular tasks you will develop a routine and this will help you to manage your time better. I also like the Pomodoro techqniue to help me utilise my time (it feels a bit like a game!)

9. Spend time in nature

To keep your creativity flowing, take the time to enjoy a walk in nature. If you are self-isolating at the moment try to open a window and sit by it or your back door as much as you can to ensure you are getting some fresh air.

10. Practice an attitude of gratitude.

Finally, before bed, take a moment to think about the day and the things you are grateful for. I like to end my day with a warm cup of Horlicks and by writing in my journal and reflecting on all the things I have learned, this is easier some days compared to others, however this is a great way to reduce stress and save anxiety dreams!

If you need any more tips or have suggestions for a blogpost, write to:

To leave you with one of my favourite quotes from Walt Disney:

"When you're curious, you find lots of interesting things to do."

With love,

Ash x

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