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From time to time we're delighted to be invited to speak at events, join panels or provide training.

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Upcoming Speaking Engagements 

10 May 2020 - TEDxNewcastleUniversity Host 

19 May 2020 - 
We will be speaking on 'Getting Started' - Day 2 of  Newcastle Start Up Week 18-22 May 2020

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Tales from TEDxNewcastleUniversity

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Past Speaking Engagements 

Founders Friday

Newcastle University - LinkedIn Training

Northumbria University - Personal Branding Training

"Ashleigh gave a talk to launch our Research Associate Network event at Newcastle University and inspired the whole room! 
She spoke about all of the amazing volunteering and community work that she does and the group were super enthused by all of her soul-nourishing stories!

She used props, her infectious enthusiasm and genuine creativity to really motivate and inspire the room. A fantastic speaker, from the heart and a pleasure to listen to. I had so much positive feedback and she really made the event!"         
                                                                                                             -  Rachel at Newcastle University